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reviewCopy and Paste Best Man Speeches Guaranteed To Captivate Your Audience and Take The “Jitters” Out Of Writing and Delivering a Killer Speech…

9 out of 10 best man speeches just plain suck! In fact, most of them have the cringe-factor – you know…when you can’t even bear to watch and where you feel embarrassed for the poor guy delivering the speech. I bet you don’t want to be in that position?

The truth is that writing any wedding speech is hard. Even for someone who is good at it. And then delivering it with confidence and with the whit and humor that’s expected of you is a formidable task.

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The secret is to be prepared. Toastmasters International says that being prepared is the number 1 way to overcome the fear of public speaking.

This is where Dan Stevens’ copy and paste speeches come in. It is best man speeches for dummies with more than 20 pre-written best man speeches that’s proven to work. Even if you are a compete idiot at writing and delivering a speech – these templates will make you look good.

Obviously it’s not as simple as just printing out a speech and reading it out word-for-word. However, if yo take any of these 20 speeches and use the simple step-by-step instructions you can craft your own killer speech in 15 minutes and without even putting much thought into it.

Do I recommend you try it? Yes! It really takes all the guesswork out of preparing and delivering a killer best man speech and at a measly $20 it really is a no-brainer. You can try and wing-it, but y will probably only end up looking like a dumb-ass and embarrass your best friend on his wedding day.

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articlesThe 7 Deadly Wedding Speech Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Have you ever sat through a speech where the speaker was so bad you felt embarrassed for him? Some speeches just have that cringe-factor that not only turns the audience off, but actually makes them feel sorry for you. Unfortunately most best man speeches SUCK. Not only will you make a complete ass of yourself, you will actually dishonor your friend and his new bride.

So, what does it take to deliver a killer best man speech? What does it take to really get the audience to pay attention, to laugh, cry and to have them remember your speech for years to come? Here are some pointers on what NOT to do. Avoiding them will almost certainly take the cringe-factor out of your speech.

1. Not Writing Out Your Speech
If you are not a naturally gifted speaker, then you should not even attempt to “wing it” without writing a good speech. 90% of the success of your speech relies on writing it out. Giving the time and effort to think about and write something meaningful will come across every word you say during your speech.

2. Not Taking Notes
Unless you have a photogenic memory you MUST take notes with you. It is perfectly acceptable to deliver a speech while looking at your notes. Most people tend to freeze and forget the second they step up to the mike. Having notes will ensure that you don’t just stand there with a mouth full of teeth.

3. Not Being Sober
Fat too many best man speeches get spoiled by drunk best men. So, having a couple of drinks will make you more relaxed and probably make you feel more confident, but most guys feel like they need too much “confidence”. Being drunk during your speech is disrespectful to the bride and her parents.

4. Embarrassing The Groom
Some guys think that their speech is an opportunity to embarrass the groom. This is NOT the case. Yes, it may be funny, but your job as the best man is to talk up your buddy and to make him look good. Leave the insults and embarrassments up to the groomsmen if they feel it necessary.

5. Inappropriate Jokes
Make a mental note of this: What’s funny between you and your friends won’t be funny during a wedding speech. Always keep in mind that there are a lot of kids and older people at a wedding and they would almost certainly not appreciate your dirty jokes. It’s distasteful. If you feel that you have to tell that joke, leave it for latest instead.

6. Thanking The Parents and Guests
Traditionally the bestman is responsible for thanking not only the guests, but also the bride’s parents for the wedding. It’s also considered good manners to thank any people who played an important role in making the day happen. Check with the bride to see if she can help you with this list of thank you’s.

7. Forgetting The Toast


articlesQuick Tips To Help You Deliver Your Best Man Speech With Confidence

It is said the biggest fear that most people have is the fear of public speaking. Less than 1% of people can get up in front of an audience and just speak without freaking out inside. Although speaking in front of complete strangers is tough, getting up and speaking in front of friends and family can be even more daunting.

The reason why we have this fear of public speaking is mainly because you become the centre of attention and all eyes are on you. Nobody want to look stupid or be seen as a fool. Unfortunately a bad speech is the easiest way to make a fool of yourself.

When you are in front of friends and family for the wedding and you have the pressure of delivering a best man speech, the intensity amplifies simply because of the added pressure of speaking in front of people you know. So, how then can you make sure you nail it and deliver a memorable speech with confidence? Here are 3 easy tips that can make all the difference.

- Write a killer speech. Okay, so we aren’t all born with the Shakespeare touch or with the speaking abilities of a Martin Luther King, but that’s no excuse. The easiest way to come up with a killer best man speech is to simply find a great “template” and use it as the base. Using something that is proven to work is the easiest way ensure that you will ace it.

- Opening and closing. The most important part of your speech is the opening and the closing. This is what people will remember. When you write your speech you should give special attention to these two parts of your speech. It’s always a good idea to start funny and end seriously.

- Be prepared. This is crucial. If you think you can just wing-it after a couple of drinks you are making a big mistake. If you are prepared you will not only cancel out 90% of the nerves, but you will get up there with confidence. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.

- Body language. This is a dead giveaway and can make or break your speech. Even if you aren’t confident, you should at least act confident. People watch you as much as they listen to you. Look your audience in the eye at all time. Don’t look down. Don’t slouch. Don’t fold you arms. Be upright. Use hand confident gestures throughout your speech and engage your audience. Looking confident and acting confident can easily glaze over a bad speech. It’s not so much what you say as how you say it.

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